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Advancing Operational Excellence Together


Iraq, June 01, 2022 – PETRONAS, the Operator of Garaff Oilfield, and Thi-Qar Oil Company (TOC) inaugurated the Water Management System Phase II Project (WMS II), which has been contracted to Power Petroleum International Co., Limited on January 01, 2022.

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While confronting multi-challenges of Covid-19 pandemic, great construction difficulty and tight project schedule, POWER is advancing operational excellence together with PETRONAS as all project staff of POWER continuously improve how they prepare, plan and work to promote whole project implementation, rectify current problems and reduce potential risks.

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From the point of project commencement ceremony, POWER will harness its experience of international EPCC projects, comprehensive supply chain system, strong management and engineering teams as well as excellent communication channel between POWER, PETRONAS and TOC, to overcome all obstacles during project execution and finally achieve the goal of successful project delivery. 

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