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Successful Delivery of 15MW Gas Generators Power Plant Project


Iraq, 25 April 2022 - POWER has successfully delivered 15MW Gas Generators Power Plant Project of Garraf Oilfield for PETRONAS Carigali Iraq Holding B.V. (PCIHBV).


After delivering this project, POWER achieved first economical and energy-efficient power production by utilizing associated petroleum gas, which had been used mainly by flare system, in Garraf Oilfield. Moreover, this entirely new power plant project has been an fundamental part of PCIHBV’s sustainable development strategy focusing on reducing environmental impacts by transitioning from traditional means to lower carbon energy solutions and innovative technologies.


FOR QHSE perspective, during two-year project execution period, POWER overcame dual challenge of worldwide Covid-19 pandemic and complicated construction conditions as well as achieved 300,000 Manhours’ LTI free target and strengthened the collaboration about QHSE awareness between PCIHBV and POWER.


For social responsibility, POWER has provided hundreds of local employment opportunities. The successful delivery of this power plant project improves POWER’s credibility and reputation, which will be an positive and powerful effect for POWER’s future market developing in MENA countries.


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