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Achieve New Milestone - Water Management System Phase #2


The project, Water Management System of Garaff Oilfield Phase #2, aims to provide comprehensive and integrated solutions of water resource need for oil and gas production, including water in-taking, transportation, distribution, treatment, injection as well as produced water recycle. POWER, as the contractor of construction and commissioning for this project, always adheres to the principle of "prioritizing safety, quality, and environmental protection", efficiently integrates resources from all parties, conducts precise and orderly construction works, and ensures construction progress and quality under the premise of "zero safety accidents & no water pollution"



The successful installation of the first deoxygenation tower for Water Management System Project Phase #2 is not only a testament to POWER's excellent engineering and construction abilities and credited company reputation, but also an unwavering commitment of PETRONAS to oilfield sustainable water resource development. 


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