Production & Stimulation
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  • Fracturing

    Low permeable reservoir/Low oil & gas rate/Uneconomic production.

  • Acidizing

    Well cleanout/Acid-preflush/Main acid/Overflush/Displacement.

  • SRP

    Good wear and corrosion resistance/Simple structure with high strength and reliable sealing

  • HJP

    Suitable for high pour-point, heavy and high waxy oil/No affect with sand, gas and the even un-cleaned well bore.

  • PCP

    Large capability range/2200m lifting depth/Low pressure&High viscous&Aromatic compound&Solids&H2S&CO2 endurance.

  • ESP

    Deeper operation depth/Radial flow and mixed flow structures/Anti-corrosion/Wide temperature range suitable for different...

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