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New Year, New Stage, New Milestone


As the arrival of New Year, the Garaff Oilfield Operator PETRONAS agreed to award the contract to the Consortium, between Power Petroleum International Co., Ltd (POWER) and China Tianchen Engineering Co., Ltd (TCC).

While meeting dual challenge of Covid-19 pandemic and rapid development period, POWER is, as always, dedicated to building and scaling up the long-term collaboration relationship with PETRONAS and other international Customers by leveraging its capabilities, experience and service consciousness. POWER looks forward to demonstrating its professionalism, competitiveness and business reputation to Customers, which has been earned in Iraq for last 10 years. After multiple successful cooperation, this new contract from PETRONAS will serve as a New Stage, a New Milestone as well as a deeper and multi-dimension partnership between POWER and PETRONAS.


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