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Milestone Drilling Fluids Service for YPFB Well YARARÁ-X1 successfully delivered

Pub Date: Oct 30, 2019    |    Views: 94        

POWER’s drilling fluids team has recently finished integrated service for Well YARARÁ-X1 of Bolivian state-owned oil company YPFB, reaching 2,850 meters TD 18 days ahead of schedule.

As the first well service performed in Bolivia, POWER prepared detailed technical design and operation management three months in advance. With the experienced engineers and high quality drilling fluids materials, we overcame complicated geological conditions that could easily result in lost circulation and well collapse during drilling operation, and accelerated the drilling period from 55 days to 37 days, which greatly saved the operating expenses for YPFB.

This performance has been highly appreciated and recognized by YPFB, which not only proves our strength and capability but lays firm foundations for increasing POWER’s visibility in the Bolivian and other South American markets.


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